So it was racism!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to a nearby Dunkin Donuts to get some work done. She left because the music was making it difficult for her to concentrate. I stayed because I had found a rhythm. For me the music was soothing my panicked attempt to look at job opportunities I should … Continue reading So it was racism!


And we’re back

So, college is done... But I have a lot of feelings. College was a bittersweet experience. An experience I need to think through and heal through. At some point being in college felt so painful. It felt like torture. I was immensely sad and depressed. I didn't feel appreciated in my department. I didn't feel … Continue reading And we’re back


Who will tell our stories and who will document? Who will value us enough to think us worthy of having our lives live on even after we are dead? How will our children know how we lived? How will our children get validated? This is us  This is how we do things and it is … Continue reading I WILL