Finding words for emotions

Last year was for sleeping This year seems to be for understanding It's for trying to reconcile my body, my emotions and me It's for putting labels on things and trying to make sense of them Today I went to a bereavement group. It was weird being in a group with people who lost loved … Continue reading Finding words for emotions


Ask before you touch

I went to a party this weekend And I felt like a commodity The music was great, wonderful African music that my body wanted to jump to, slide along to, bob to, just MOVE along to It could have been the best time, but instead there were these annoyances that could not keep their hands … Continue reading Ask before you touch


Who will tell our stories and who will document? Who will value us enough to think us worthy of having our lives live on even after we are dead? How will our children know how we lived? How will our children get validated? This is us  This is how we do things and it is … Continue reading I WILL